Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I buy from Adams Homes versus any other builder?

Answer: For two main reasons:

  1. Our Mission is to deliver value to our homebuyer which we have been successful at for over 20 years (see Testimonials)
  2. Our uniquely straightforward approach removes the confusion from the home building process and leads to a more pleasant customer experience.

Unlike many other builders, Adams Homes has a uniquely straightforward approach to homebuilding and our homebuyers. At Adams Homes, there is no "bait and switch" tactics or confusing multi-step purchase process that you will find at many other builders. Our Home offerings and Purchase Process are structured so that the homebuyer can easily understand what they are purchasing and how much it cost. Please visit Adams Homes to find out more about our homes, process, and philosophies.

Question: How does Adams Homes deliver value to me?

Answer: At Adams Homes, we deliver value to home buyers in several ways:

  1. By researching home buyer feedback, we have identified those features and designs that most home buyers want and make these included features.
  2. By including certain custom features in our homes as a standard, we are able to exercise our purchasing power to buy these items at a discount.
  3. Since our homes include what most home buyers want, most home buyers do not have to add many options to our homes; therefore, we do not have the wasted expense of a design center.
  4. Competitive Pricing
  5. Easy Purchase Process
  6. A Brand Name for Quality
  7. Locally managed Divisions
  8. Communities located in high growth areas
Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: Adams Homes started building 1991. We have been in various markets for different amounts of time, but we are consistent in that we have stayed committed to each local market through good and difficult times and are locally managed in each market.

Question: What is included in the price of your homes?

Answer: At Adams Homes, we believe that a homebuilder should offer buyers a home that already includes what most homeowners would want in their home. The specific Included Custom Features in our homes vary by area, so please contact a Sales Associate Team Member in a specific Community for details and see Our Homes section of this website for more details. In general, our home prices include the homesite, permit/impact fees, construction loan costs, site work costs, closing costs with use of Approved Lender, the Included Custom Features, and certain Community Included Features.

Question: Do I need a construction loan to build a home with you?

Answer: No. As part of Adams Homes straightforward Purchase Process, Adams Homes finances the construction of your home; additionally, Adams Homes will pay your closing costs on your mortgage loan if you use an Adams Approved Lender. See Finance Your Home for details.

Question: How long will it take to build a home?

Answer: The time from Purchase Agreement to Settlement may vary for several reasons, but, typically, the process is 5-7 months.

Question: Will you build on my lot?

Answer: In certain areas, Adams Homes has an On-Your-Lot program. Please Contact Us or the specific Community where your lot is located for details.

Question: What if my credit is not so great? Can I get a loan?

Answer: Time (and a little effort and planning) heals all wounds. Adams Homes regularly works with credit challenges and has relationships with professionals who can assist in addressing credit score issues. Please see information at Finance Your Home and Contact Us or contact a specific Community.

Question: I want to buy a new home, but I have a house to sell. What are my options?

Answer: There are several options; such as getting a loan for a second home, leasing the home, or listing the home for sale; but these options are dependent on individual circumstance. PleaseContact Us, so we can connect you with an Approved Lender, who can help.

Question: What's the deal with the Approved Lenders and the Closing Costs?

Answer: There are many benefits to using one of Adams Homes' Approved Lenders, including Adams Homes paying your closing costs. Please visit Finance Your Home for details.

Question: Will Adams Homes allow me to customize my home?

Answer: While Adams Homes is not a custom builder, we have several options to choose from. More importantly, Adams Homes takes pride in the fact that we include many upgrades as standard features in our homes. Additionally, most Adams Homes Communities have many home plans to choose from.

Question: What do you mean by your Zero Defect Policy?

Answer: Upon the completion of your home, an Adams Superintendent Team Member will conduct your new Home Orientation at which you will have an opportunity to address any completion issues. At you Pre-Settlement Walk, you will have the opportunity to verify that these issues have been addressed. Adams Homes' goal is to have every home go to Settlement with no defects. Please seeDisclosures and Privacy Policy for details on the Zero Defect Policy.

Question: Can another Real Estate Agent assist me in purchasing an Adams' home?

Answer: Yes. Adams Homes participates with Real Estate Agents who accompany you to the model home on your first visit. If you do not have a Real Estate Agent, rest assured that Adams Sales Associate Team Members are licensed, professionals, so, with or without another agent, you will receive the most professional service.

Question: How do I start the process?

Answer: Contact one of Adams Sales Associate Team Members by visiting one of our Community Pages. Our Sales Associate will ask you some questions to evaluate your needs and desires and get you Pre-Qualified with one of our Approved Lenders. Also see Purchase Process for more details.

Question: How much money does Adams Homes require as a deposit for a Purchase Agreement?

Answer: We ask for a deposit of $1,000.

Question: What if I have a problem with my home after settlement?

Answer: Adams Homes provides a written, third-party guaranteed warranty with every new home. Our written warranty covers various items for up to 10 years. Additionally, Adams Homes is locally managed, so decision-makers are right there in your own community. Please find details at Our Warranty section of this website.

Question: How do I know that my home buying experience will be good and that my home will be quality built?

Answer: Adams Homes' reputation for quality and customer satisfaction has been established in many ways, including the following:

  1. Testimonials from current homeowners
  2. Consistency and sustainability in the marketplace
  3. Qualification for the distinguished Bonded Builders Warranty Program
  4. Adams Homes rating with the Better Business Bureau
  5. Reputation at the local building departments
  6. Number of years in business
  7. Number of homes constructed
  8. Memberships in NAHB, NAR, and local Chamber of Commerce
Question: Why don't you own your own Mortgage Company or Title Company?

Answer: Our Mission is to deliver value to our homebuyers, and, while we may lose out on profits from the ownership of these companies, we believe that the homebuyer will receive the most competitive pricing, rates, and service in a competitive environment.

Question: Builder XYZ says they will pay up to $8,000 in closing costs, while you are only paying about $4,000. What's the deal with that?

Answer: Often, certain builders, who own the Title Company or Mortgage Company that their buyers are using, will try to impress buyers with a big dollar amount toward closing costs; however, since they own the Title or Mortgage Company, they will recapture much of that money by inflating the fees charged at closing. At Adams Homes, we pay all of your closing costs when using an Approved Lender. See Finance Your Home for details.

Question: Do you recommend any insurance companies for my hazard insurance?

Answer: We recommend pricing out several options. We do not own any part of an insurance company; however Bonded Builders, who guarantees our written warranty, offers insurance services in select areas at competitive rates. Contact Bonded Builders at 877-219-9519