Adams Homes Announces Founders Club winners for 2017

At Adams Homes, we take pride in the workmanship and customer service of our team members and contractors. Each quarter, we recognize the hard work and dedication of our top Superintendents and Sales Associates. Therefore, these exemplary representatives are each eligible at the end of the year to be named Superintendent and Sales Associate of the Year; including the honor and accolades that join the title. For 2017, we are proud to share our deserving winners:


Sales Associate of the Year – Shirley Macy (Q1, Raleigh)

Shirley Macy Sales Associate

A loyal member of the Adams Homes family in our Raleigh division, Shirley Macy has just celebrated her 10th anniversary with our company. She maintains a positive and upbeat attitude, which is reflective of her interactions with our customers.

“Shirley always goes above and beyond to communicate with our buyers and consistently gets good reviews on our surveys.” Says Mignon Beeson, Sales Manager in Raleigh. “She has consistently sold above our expectation everywhere she has been.”

Never one to rest on her own laurels, Shirley continues to strive for shared success with Adams Homes. She is currently planning a lineup of engaging events for the summertime, and has set her goals high for the coming season.

Congratulations, Shirley! Your dedication to the customer experience has elevated the Adams Homes brand!

Superintendent of the Year – Tim McKinley (Q4, Baldwin/Mobile)

Superintendent of the Year – Tim McKinley

With the Adams Homes family for 25 years, Tim “T-Bone” McKinley has built a career on the foundation of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction within our company. Known in the area for getting “zeros” on walk-throughs, Tim takes pride in working with the customer during the buyer-orientation and ensures they are receiving a home that is defect-free.

“T-Bone’s numerous zero’s during the buyer-orientation show that he is the best at what he does.” Said Hunter Bell, Production Manager for the Baldwin/Mobile Division. “Said before; he is great at his job.”

With 20 years as a superintendent with Adams Homes under his belt, Tim shows no sign of slowing down. He plans to continue to be one of the best that has ever worked for the company, and continue to take on each project with the same vigor and diligence as the last.

Congratulations, Tim! Your hard work and dedication is without parallel!

Quarterly Winners:

Q1 Sales Associate – Shirley Macy, Raleigh

See Above

Q1 Superintendent – Stacy Hardy, Mississippi

“Stacy is essentially everything you could want in a superintendent.” Said Matt Yates, PM – Mississippi. “Whatever task given to her is completed without issues.”

Stacy’s selflessness and dedication to Adams Homes and the customers we serve is evident in her drive to go above-and-beyond what is necessary. Additionally, she has taken on two superintendents-in-training, and works to share with them her devotion to quality, and makes each benchmark in our company a personal goal.

Q2 Sales Associate – Veronica Dragoni, Lakeland

Veronica has seen great success in her time with Adams Homes, and conducts her business with pride and diligence.

Misty Varner, SM, Lakeland, said “Veronica goes the extra mile! She has successfully marketed herself and her community, and achieved top sales for multiple months.”

Q2 Superintendent – Charvick White, Lakeland

Charvick has been with Adams Homes for many years, first starting in the North Port division. He has constructed homes in multiple regions with the Adams Homes family, and promoted to Production Manager in Tampa shortly after receiving this award.

“Charvick is the ideal superintendent” said David Marshall, PM, Lakeland. “He has a very positive nature and his homes completed in a timely manner with a focus on exceptional quality.”

Q3 Sales Associate – Valerie Kowallek, Tampa

Relatively new to the industry, Valerie has quickly stepped up to the plate and works tirelessly to earn her success. Coming to Adams homes after a career in teaching, the Tampa team knew she would be a passionate and detail-oriented teammate.

“Valerie takes the time to spotlight her communities in the area while ensuring her work is error-free.” Says Sales Manager Mike Laquerre. “Realtors find her a joy to work with; new home sales can use more people like her.”

Q3- Superintendent – Trever Greene, Atlanta South

“Trever is Atlanta-South’s top builder,” Said Production Manager Jeremy Crabbe. “He has excellent communication skills and a laser-focus.”

Maintaining a professional jobsite and communicating with trades is a priority for Trevor, and this proves the quality of the work he puts forth. In addition, the team in Atlanta-South believe he will continue to be a strong asset to Adams Homes, consistently producing homes with zero-deficiency walks.

Q4 Sales Associate – Jeanette Hines, Huntsville

Our Huntsville division is lucky to have Jeanette on their team. As her second time winning Sales Associate of the Quarter, she has earned a great reputation in the field.

Jennifer Kiehn, Sales Manager of Huntsville says “Jeanette is a great example of what Team Adams is all about! She is creative, persistent, and always looking to help both our customers and the team.”

Q4 Superintendent – Tim McKinley, Baldwin/Mobile

See Above


Each of these winners welcomed by Bryan Adams, President, to the Founders Club. This was established by Bryan to honor those operating with values shared by Wayne Adams, the Founder of Adams Homes. Quarterly winners have each received a prize package including regional recognition. Our overall winners will be invited on the Founders Club trip.

Join us in congratulating each of these hard working individuals, and thanking them for making Adams Homes such a great place for our customers and team members alike.

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  1. Thank you so much for the recognition! I am so proud to be part of the Raleigh Team and part of Adams Homes, they are the best!!! How fortunate I am to do something that I love doing! Like the Founder of Adams Homes, Mr. Wayne Adams said as one of his core principals of the company “surround yourself with the best” and I sure do have the best!!

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