Founders Club Winner – 1st and 2nd Quarter

The time has come again for us to announce our Founders Club Winner – 1st and 2nd Quarter (We know Quarter 1, we’re a little late!) As you know, the Founders Club was enacted to acknowledge the individuals who truly uphold the values and standards of Adams Homes. Each quarter, our team leaders and executive management teams sift through nomination after nomination to really find the team members that shine every single day.
These are those team members.


Below their photographs, you will find kind words about our newest club members from the respective management team that nominated them.
So, without further ado, here are your 2019 Quarter 1 and 2 winners!


Quarter One Winners

Sales Agent of the Quarter, Q1, Carolyn Reed, South Atlanta
Sales Agent of the Quarter, Q1, Carolyn Reed, South Atlanta, Adams Homes

Carolyn has been an essential part of the Adams Home team now for a couple of years. She exudes professionalism and a commitment to not only her success, but to the company’s success as well. She has consistently exhibited a focus on exceeding her sales goals. At the beginning of 2019, she wanted to hit the ground running for a good year, and because of that perseverance, she was able to write 22 contracts for the first quarter and is now anticipating a phenomenal second quarter. Her winning attitude is nothing short of contagious. She is very passionate when it comes to making sure her community and spec homes show well. She is not threatened by competition and knows her product and can sell the Adams value and quality. She is a team player and an asset to the team. – Judy Mapp, Sales Manager

Superintendent of the Quarter, Q1, Marvin Greenler, South Atlanta

Superintendent of the Quarter, Q1, Marvin Greenler, South Atlanta, Adams Homes

Marvin was tasked with being our “crash test dummy” as Adams Homes tackled its first townhome project. Through rain, sleet, snow, wind, and periods of sun, he always brought his “A” game every day. There have been delays, problems, etc. that go with doing any building for the first time and he persevered through them all. Currently, the first townhome building is complete, and the second one is at 70% completion. The finished product is something Marvin and his customers, and all associated with Adams Homes can be proud of for sure. – Matt Faust, General Manager

Division Team Member of the Quarter, Q1, Ana Barber, North Atlanta

Division Team Member of the Quarter, Q1, Ana Barber, North Atlanta, Adams Homes

Ana has been a driving force in our office. She is always the first one here and the last one to leave. She does all her duties plus all the little things to keep the office organized and running smoothly. Ana never has to be told to do anything twice, and very seldom does she have to be told once. We could not operate without her! – Craig Nolen, General Manager

Gulf Breeze Team Member of the Quarter, Q1, Phyllis McGowan, Gulf Breeze

Phyllis is a very loyal member of the Adams Homes team, with over 17 years of service! She takes pride in handling all of the permits for every region within the company. She understands her impact on workflow and production, so she does what is in her power to ensure the team member’s field have their permits as soon as possible (which often involves meeting short notice and special requests, etc.). She is very well versed in HOA’s and various administrative tasks throughout the office. She is a team player who is willing to help when needed, such as manning the receptionist station and ensuring our vendor payments are mailed timely at the end of each week. Phyllis always wears a smile and is fun to have around – especially at Mardi Gras decorating and parade time! – Angelika Manning, Controller

Quarter Two Winners

Sales Agent of the Quarter, Q2, Boris Perez, Lakeland

Sales Agent of the Quarter, Q2, Boris Perez, Lakeland, Adams Homes

Out of the past 6 months, Boris has won Sales Person of the Month 3 times. Borris’s approach to problem-solving is always smooth and effective. With Boris’s talent and problem-solving, I’ve never had to step in. This particular agent always works with Adams Homes in mind and his buyers are always very receptive and trusting of him due to his knack for listening and knowing what they want. Boris is always willing to go the extra mile. Yesterday, Boris offered to drive to Miami to pick up a check for closing from an older gentleman who had no way of wiring money, due to being in a nursing home, just to ensure he closed on time. This is not the first time Boris has driven to South Florida to pick up a check and help our buyers. I wish all agents had his tenacity and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. – Misty Varner, Sales Manager

Superintendent of the Quarter, Q2, Dustin Dixon, Raleigh

Superintendent of the Quarter, Q2, Dustin Dixon, Raleigh, Adams Homes

Dustin has gone above and beyond for Adams Homes and he puts in 110% every day. He is always on the job site, meeting with inspectors, or giving an incredible new homeowner orientation. Dustin will do anything you ask him to with a smile on his face. For example, last weekend he brought his wife and son to one of our communities and they all swept, mopped, and wiped down all of the houses even though he was never asked to do so. Dustin takes pride in what he builds and cares more than anyone. I have called him numerous times after hours and he was still working, and sometimes I even have to force him to go home. Dustin is just a great person and I feel like he deserves recognition for all of the work he puts in. From a personal standpoint, he is a great father and a good husband. I know he is always working at his house after finishing working on ours. He works way too hard and never really gets to sit back and relax. I truly believe this man deserves this more than anyone. This is the type of man who makes me happy to go to work every day. – Keylan Smith, Production Manager

Division Team Member of the Quarter, Q2, Bonnie Funderburk, Raleigh

Division Team Member of the Quarter, Q2, Bonnie Funderburk, Raleigh, Adams Homes

I am proud to recognize Bonnie Funderburk, who is the Closing Coordinator for the Raleigh office. She is just totally amazing! Her attitude is always positive even through hard times. She is a hard worker and is always there to help anyone at any time with a smile. When someone in the office needs anything, we can ask Bonnie and she will drop what she is doing to come and help. She has not only done her job but has covered other jobs when we have lost someone. I know our company has great people who work hard every day, but Bonnie is just one of those wonderful people who can’t help but stand out. – Kyle Chudeusz, Regional Manager

Gulf Breeze Team Member of the Quarter, Q2, Margaret Mullins, Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze Team Member of the Quarter, Q2, Margaret Mullins, Gulf Breeze, Adams Homes

Margaret has been on the Adams Homes team since 2016. During her time, she has eagerly and willingly learned many regions within the Costing Department, enabling her to become a department trainer. Since April, she has excelled at training approximately 10 employees. We attribute her success to her passion and flexibility for helping employees learn their new role. She empathizes with her trainees, understanding the difficulties for learning the role, offering various training methods (and even hugs!) when they are struggling. Her training does not stop until that individual employee feels comfortable with the task. Margaret enjoys being with her husband, their 3 dogs, and riding shotgun in antique vehicles! – Jamie Parker-Smith, Assistant Controller


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