Founders Club 2019 Year End Winners

Each quarter, we at Adams Homes identify a handful of employees that embody the mission, vision, and culture of our company and induct them into our Founders Club. In doing so, these quarterly winners become eligible to be selected for the yearly Founders Club reward in their respective category, and the honors and accolades that accompany the title.

Here are our 2019 yearly winners.

Superintendent of the Year – Dustin Dixon, Raleigh

Congratulations to Dustin Dixon on being honored as Superintendent of the Year! Dustin puts 110% into everything he does and has gone above and beyond for Adams Homes. He is always on the job site, meeting with inspectors, or giving an incredible new homeowner orientation. Dustin will do anything asked of him with a smile on his face. “Dustin takes pride in what he builds and cares more than anyone.” Said Keylan Smith, Production Manager. “I have called him numerous times after hours and he was still working, and sometimes I even have to force him to go home.” Dustin has a reputation as someone who works hard for his family and never takes the time to sit back and relax. Team members of his have gone on record saying that Dustin is the type of man who makes them happy to go to work every day.  We at Adams Home truly believe he deserves recognition for all of the work he puts in.

Division Team Member of the Year – Ana Barber, North Atlanta

“We could not operate without her!” said General Manager, Craig Nolan. “Ana is so much more than a Closing Coordinator, she is truly the driving force behind the North Atlanta Divisional Office!” Ana Barber, Closing Coordinator for Adams Homes Atlanta North Office is known as one of the hardest workers and is always the first one here and the last one to leave. Ana is recognized as a true asset to Adams Homes and she ensures that all of her duties are done plus all the little things to keep the office organized and running smoothly. Ana never has to be told to do anything twice, and very seldom does she have to be told once. She can see something needs to be done and will actually take the initiative to do it and make sure it’s done right. So, without further ado, congratulations to Ana Barber on being honored as Division Team Member of the Year!

Corporate Team Member of the Year – Pam Ellis, Controller of Auditing and Financial Reporting

Please join us in congratulating Pamela Ellis, Controller of Auditing and Financial Reporting, for being recognized as Corporate Team Member of the Year! Pam has been a loyal employee of Adams Homes since 2000. Pam is very dedicated to the company and cares about the responsibilities of the Administrative Office. In her 20 years, Pam understands the ins and outs of the company’s accounting like no other! “Pam is proactive in sharing her knowledge and expertise with other team members, ensuring tasks are done accurately and efficiently,” Says Angelika Manning, Controller. “Most importantly, she wants employees to understand their task at hand because she understands the value it adds to the team as a whole, in addition to the employee’s confidence and future success.” Pam shows a willingness to go the extra mile during peak periods of work. She is patient when it is necessary to resolve last-minute assignments. Regardless of the impact on her workload, Pam is always willing to help a team member or answer a question.

Sales Associate of the Year – Boris Perez, Lakeland

Congratulations to Boris Perez on being honored as Sales Associate of the Year! This particular agent always works with Adams Homes in mind and his buyers are always very receptive and trusting of him due to his knack for listening and knowing what they want. “Borris’s approach to problem-solving is always smooth and effective,” Said Misty Varner, Sales Manager. “With Boris’s talent and problem-solving, I’ve never had to step in.” Boris is known as the person always willing to go the extra mile. For instance, Boris offered to drive to Miami to pick up a check for closing from an older gentleman who had no way of wiring money, due to being in a nursing home, just to ensure he closed on time. This is not the first time Boris has driven to South Florida to pick up a check and help our buyers. Adams Homes recognizes Boris’s tenacity and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done and appreciate everything he does.

Sales Manager of the Year – Millie Carpenter, Destin

Congratulations to Millie Carpenter, Destin Sales Manager on being honored as Sales Manager of the Year! Much like the Tina Turner song, Millie is “Simply the Best.” She has a personality that wins people’s hearts and propels them to do a great job. She constantly coaches her sales team to achieve their goals. She has endless amounts of energy that rubs off on everyone she’s helping or even just talking to. She has been with Adams Homes as a Sales Manager since 2001 and was a sales associate prior to her current position. When it comes to getting something done or putting an event together for Adams Homes she always does her team and the company proud. Her division feels that they cannot do it without her and that her positive attitude and work ethic is simply outstanding. She is 1st class.

Project Manager of the Year – David Marshall, Lakeland

Please join us in congratulating David Marshall, Lakeland Project Manager, for being recognized as Project Manager of the Year! David started with Adams Homes, Lakeland in February 2003. Quickly, he was promoted to Project Manager of the Port Charlotte division in 2004. We were fortunate to have him return to Lakeland in 2011 and has been a steward of our division ever since. David has done an excellent job growing our superintendent team over the years, as well as our supplier and trade partner base as we’ve steadily increased production over the last 5 years. David does an excellent job keeping bids in line and getting invoices processed on time. David also credited with ensuring that not only are all of our superintendents certified and up to date. He is not only a terrific asset to Adams Homes Lakeland but Adams Homes as a whole.


Congratulations to all of our 2019 annual Founders Club winners! We are so proud to have you as members of the Adams Homes team and you have done a phenomenal job reflecting the true values of the company. 

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