Fall Lawn Maintenance

Written By: Andrea De La Cerna

You’ve spent all summer dutifully maintaining that lush, gorgeous lawn.  Therefore, you’ve nurtured it through times of drought and inspected it daily for signs of distress, looking forward to those milder temperatures that come with the change of the season.  Fall is, in fact, the ideal time to set yourself up for an amazing spring lawn.

In addition, according to the home improvement giant, Lowe’s, getting your lawn ready for winter is essential to protecting its year-round health. Remember that this time of year is when grass and other plants are working hard to absorb energy, moisture, and nutrients to prepare itself for the cold winter months.

Following these six easy steps will reward you with a beautiful lawn come spring.

"Continue to mow" grass background

  1. Continue To Mow:

Mow and water until the grass stops growing.  Not only will this give your lawn a fresh look, but it will be easier to rake and allow crucial sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.

"Rake up the leaves" leaves background

  1. Rake Up The Leaves:

Rake leaves or use a mower fitted with a collection bag.  Leaves can also become wet from rain or dew and create a thick mat which can suffocate your grass or lead to fungal disease.  The leaves you collect can be used to start a composting pile for supplementing your soil later on.

  1.  Make Sure To Fertilize:

Mid-to-late fall apply a dry lawn fertilizer.  In the cooler temps grass blades grow much slower, but the roots continue to grow quickly.  Now is the time to nurture those deep roots.

Aerate the yard

  1.  Aerate The Yard:

This involves punching small finger sized holes in your lawn. In addition, aerating allows the grass roots to easily come in contact with oxygen, water, and fertilizer. This promotes strong healthy roots.

Weed control

  1. Weed Control:

Weeds, like other plants, are in the growing and energy absorbing mode in the fall.  Additionally, applying a weed killer now, will insure the weeds will not return in the spring.

Go ahead and plant

  1.  Go Ahead And Plant:

That’s right, plant.  There are some real benefits to planting in the Fall.  In addition, the milder weather is easier on the plants. The soil is still warm, so the roots will take hold, become stronger, and grow until the ground freezes.  This is also the perfect time to plant turf grass, perennials, shrubs, trees, and bulbs that will bloom in the Spring.

What your best Fall lawn care or gardening tips?

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6 thoughts on “Fall Lawn Maintenance

  1. I like your tips on raking up the leaves and aerating the yard. a Leaf cover can prevent the grass from growing or getting the water and sunlight it needs to stay healthy while aerating further enhances the health and growth. My friend is thinking of getting some maintenance done to his lawn, I’ll have to pass this along so he can make sure his grass is taken care of properly.

  2. I never knew that you should continue to mow your lawn in the fall. I always thought that you were supposed to leave your yard alone during the cold months. Thank you for the information on fall lawn maintenance.

  3. a lot of people tend to forget to cut back a lot of their shrubs and plants and will just leave them exposed in the winter time. Many plants will die in the winter so its best to keep them covered up.

  4. When fall happens, many people are getting reading in maintaining the lawn. In our case, I need to clean the entire yard twice due to lack of people to help me. I appreciate what you have here today. Thank you for these tips.

  5. Hello, First of all, thank you so much for sharing this information and it’s very amzing and so much helpful for me. Keep it up and Thank you very much:)

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