Easter Basket Gift Ideas for your Kids

Gift Ideas for the art lover, the outdoorsy type, the girly-girl or your teenagers

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Your Kids

Are you ready for Easter? Here are some excellent Easter Basket ideas for girls and boys, even some for pre-teens and teenagers.

The Arts & Crafts Basket:

If your little one is head over heels for craft projects and coloring an excellent idea is to arts and crafts themed Easter Basket full of special goodies. Crayons and coloring books are a must. Include items such as markers, finger paint and/or paint and paintbrushes. You can’t forget the construction paper in a variety of wonderful colors. What would a craft project be without Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners for flowers, googly eyes and pompoms. They can’t start their craft project without the essential basics such as children’s craft scissors and glue/glue sticks. Stickers and stampers are a big hit with little crafters, there an Easter Basket must have. Last but not least you can’t forget the art smock. Make your little crafter an Easter to remember with their extra special arts and crafts themed Easter Basket.

The Outdoorsy Basket:

With the warmer spring weather approaching what better themed Easter Basket can you do other than a fun outdoor activity themed basket, great for curing those restless winter blues. Sidewalk chalk is always a big hit. You can even go back to basics with gifts such as a jump rope, bubbles, big balls (soccer, basketball, football etc.) and/or bouncy balls can all make for excitement filled days spent outside. Sandbox toys/beach toys will be a big hit with theses fast approaching sunny filled days we are all looking forward to enjoying. Pool toys make for great gift when you’re spending those long hot days at poolside. Consider going old school with wildflower seed and gardening tools made your young special someone or consider a bug house for your little adventuresome one. Your fun outdoor activity themed basket is sure to be a hit this year.

The Girly-Girl Basket:

If you have a young girly girl in your family here are some excellent Easter basket ideas just for her. The simplest things can make her Easter Basket something special such as glittery/sparkly nail polish in her favorite color, even lip gloss or flavored Chap Stick can make her Basket that much better on Easter morning. Bubble bath is always a fun gift to receive. If your little one likes to play dress up fairy wings, custom jewelry, inexpensive sunglasses and even hair accessories can take her Easter Basket the extra mile. A doll or a Barbie or even a plush stuff bunny can be the icing on the cake for your special someone’s Easter Basket this year.

The Boy Basket:

Easter Basket idea’s for the boys include things like army men, toy cars, toy animals. Silly putty, a YOYO and a slinky can make wonderful fillers. If your boy is into baseball consider including baseball cards in there Easter Basket this year. Lego’s can make excellent Easter Basket gifts. Go old school and include comic books they will be sure to love. What boy doesn’t like something involving a superhero including something related to their favorite superhero can set your gift over the top.

The Pre-Teen and Teenager Basket:

If you have pre-teens and/or teenagers here are some great ideas for their Easter Baskets this year. If you have a teenager who is driving a gas gift card can make for an excellent gift. Movie/Theater tickets are great Easter Basket filler. Consider posters of their favorite band or actor/actress as an idea for their Baskets. Magazine subscription may do justice to your pre-teen or teenager. And you can never go wrong with a gift card (ITunes, Starbucks or their favorite shopping store etc.)


Parents it just not Easter without the chocolate bunny and candy be sure to include your kids favorites in there Easter Basket this year. (But if you’re not into the candy thing you can always substitute with real fruit snacks gummies, colorful goldfish and chocolate covered raisins etc.) It doesn’t always have to be just candy…. Get creative with it!

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