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An upholstered headboard is an easy, low cost way to update your bedroom as your taste changes.  I was recently decorating a bedroom but didn’t like the headboard that came with the bedroom set so I decided to try and make my own headboard.  I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and low-cost it was.


Materials Needed:

Sheet of OSB or plywood from home improvement store (I used OSB and cut to 36×66 for queen size bed)

Mounting hardware for the two top corners (I used inexpensive picture hanging hardware)

Two screws with anchors to hold the headboard

2 yards of fabric (I bought mine in a pre-cut pack at Wal-Mart for less than $8)

Batting for in between headboard and fabric

Staple Gun

Scissors to trim batting

Any decorative ribbon for finishing the edge (I used simple cream ribbon, also purchased at Wal-Mart)


I started with a piece of OSB (you can also use plywood) and had it cut to 36” tall by 66” wide).  You can adjust to your taste preferences.  If you keep it to this size for a queen bed, you can buy the pre-cut 2-yards of fabric and have no wasted materials.

Next I wrapped the headboard with the quilt-batting material and stapled.  Be sure to keep smooth and avoid folds in the batting.  I did two layers so it was nice and plush.

Lastly, I wrapped the fabric over the batting and then stapled it so it has finished edges along the front.  I ended up adding the ribbon across the top because it was slightly uneven (Kind-of lumpy looking) because I pulled the batting and fabric so tight.  The ribbon covered that uneven edge right up.


I needed a little help hanging it so if you have another set of hands it will be helpful.  We hung one side and then stood back to hang the other side. 

That’s it! All-in-all I would plan for an hour or so to complete the project.  We would love to see your completed project, please send us your pictures and inspiration ideas via e-mail or share them on our facebook page at

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