Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

Great Wedding Gift Ideas

By: Annie Malone

As wedding season is here and I’m always interested in creative and original ideas to give to the bride and groom for wedding presents or for wedding showers, I thought I would share a few neat gifts that I have seen.  We received tons of wonderful gifts for our wedding and of course lots of things from our registries, but these were a few that did not come from our registries that I thought were very unique.


This is a beautiful tray that has our Save the Date printed on it.  It is so original and I couldn’t get over what I great idea it was.  It is from a company called Marye-Kelley out of Houston.  They decoupage just about anything you can think of and have wonderful gift ideas on their site.


These are two differewedding-gift-shower-lamp-presentnt lamps we received as gifts.  Again, this was not on our registry;  but who can’t always use another great lamp.  I thought these were beautiful.  The one on the left comes from Orient Expressed in New Orleans and the other from Judy’s at the Rink.  I have started to see more and more lamps given at showers and as wedding gifts lately.  I think anything for the home is always appreciated.


This was a really fun idea from Uncommon Goods.  It’s personalized with our names, wedding date, and our first dance song. There are a lot of great personalization gifts and fun ideas on this website too.  They have gifts for all occasions too.



We had someone take our wedding invitation and send it to Judy’s at the Rink in New Orleans and they engraved it in the arcylic tray that you see here.  I was fascinated by this gift.  You see wedding invitations framed and things like that, but I had never seen one done like this.  I just loved it!  What a great keepsake.




I love the gorgeous candlestick from Orient Expressed in New Orleans and the painting of a bride by Lynette Collins Walker.  It was so wonderful to get great gifts for around the house.  Things like art, lamps and candles are something I can always use in our home.


I hope some of these gifts gave you some great ideas for your next wedding.  I love sharing gift ideas and seeing the creative ideas that other people come up with.  I wonder what type of gifts Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are already getting for their pending nuptials???

Do you have a go-to gift idea that you always give?  Have you seen some great ideas for gifts recently?  I would love to hear about them.

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