Choosing Colors for your New Home

By: Elizabeth Porter

Color selections… This is one of my favorite parts of the new home purchase process.  If you will be in the market for a new home soon, your timing in reading this is perfect.  If you don’t like the colors of the home you live in, sounds like you need a new home!

Let’s start with what I think is the easiest of the colors to choose, the exterior

Choosing Colors Outsideexterior-colors-house

You have selected your homesite and found the perfect home, it’s time to get personal and make it yours.  We strive to set up our color selection area so you can quickly navigate through the choices, without the pressure of spending thousands more in upgrades.  Choosing colors can usually be completed in less than an hour.    

First, leave the model home.  That’s right, get up and walk outside.  Choosing your exterior colors can be done quickly and will help get you on your way to decision-making.  Most of our communities require the color selections we offer be pre-approved to ensure they meet the guidelines of the protective covenants in place.  You want to make sure you know the colors of the homes around you before you start looking at choices available.  No one wants to fall in love with a color only to find out it isn’t available.  Don’t just look left and right at the colors your neighbors have chosen, also take a peek at the homes across the street.  You want your home to be unique.   (Your neighbors would also appreciate it if you didn’t build your home to look just like theirs)

Okay, outside colors are done.  Let’s have some fun inside.

Colors inside your new home

I would recommend that you start with cabinets.  You’ll have the same cabinets in your kitchen and baths.  As your taste changes, it is much easier to change your countertops then change your cabinets.   We recently added almost-black colored cabinets to our selections and they look really sleek and very modern.  National new home trends have suggested that white cabinets are also back as popular choices. 

Next, grab countertop and “wet area” flooring.  Wet areas are the kitchen floors, bathroom floors, laundry room and foyer.  The flooring in those areas should coordinate with the countertops in those same rooms.  Remember, you don’t want matchy-matchy.  You want the colors to coordinate.  I love the wood-floor look and it seems to go with almost anything.  Some customers want to take all their color choices outside and look at them there but I think you should choose them in the same lighting you’ll use them in.  Choose kitchen colors in the kitchen; choose bathroom colors in the bathroom. 

You can choose carpet last.  Coordinate the carpet with wet area flooring and your look is complete.


 5 Timesaving Tips for decorating your new home:

  1. Think long-term.  Resist the urge to go bold with your colors in permanent choices like countertops, flooring and cabinets.  Interior paint is the least expensive, fastest way to add bold pops of color to show your personality.  It’s also the easiest to change when your taste does.
  2. Think short-term.  The goal of home ownership is HOME ownership, not upgrade ownership.  Go with sensible choices and keep your upgrades to a minimum.  We thoughtfully put together features that you want and need and there is no pressure to spend tens of thousands more in upgrades.  Get the best home you can and add upgrades once you get settled in and really know what you want.
  3. Light and bright.  Consider your furniture when choosing your colors.  If you have heavy, dark wood furniture I would go lighter in your choices.  If not, you will be buying floor lamps which add heat and increase your monthly energy costs.
  4. Get inspired.  Hello, Pinterest.  I am ready to build a new home because of this website.  Really, there are so many great ideas online.  Keep track of pictures of rooms you like and use them as inspiration when choosing colors for your new home.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Choosing colors should be fun.  Don’t get hung up on every last color swatch.  Most of the colors we offer are neutral so they go together easily.  Building a home is like planning a wedding.  No one will remember the color napkins you used or the font on the dinner menu.  They remember the love they felt and the memories they made.  The same is for your home.  Make memories and invite over friends and family as much as possible. 

I’d love to hear any tips you have for other buyers looking to make color selections.  What was your experience like when you were choosing your colors?  Did you have fun doing it or was it stressful to you?  Let us know about your experience.

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