Take your bathroom from drab to FAB, Part II.

Living in Splendor – Bathroom Edition

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? Need some inspiration? Don’t know where to begin?  Then, this five part blog series will help give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for! We’ll have a bathroom design for everyone; from luxuries, modern, traditional, eclectic, to spa-like bathroom designs. In the “Living in Splendor” bathroom design below, we […]

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Adams Homes May color trends

May's Color of the Month: Pink Grapefruit!

The weather is warm and the sun is out, so we chose a happy, bright, and cheery color this month: Pink Grapefruit!  This color can be utilized is several ways from accent pieces to furniture to the wall color.  When done right, pink grapefruit can make a powerful and chic statement in any room. The […]

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Adams Homes April color trends

April's color of the month: Lemon Yellow!

Spring is in full bloom!  This is why we believe lemon yellow is the ideal color choice for April.  With warmer weather upon us lemon yellow is the perfect cheery color to help welcome brighter days. Lemon yellow can be utilized within any room in your new home from your children’s bedroom to your kitchen […]

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Adams Homes March color trends

March's color of the month: Tomato Red!

Written by: Hannah Davis Tomato red?  Probably not what you were expecting as the color of the month for March, right?  Well tomato red is expected to make a huge impact on this year’s trending spring colors. The color red itself has risen in popularity over the years with its correlation to the American Heart […]

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Home décor trends 2014

Written by: Hannah Davis What’s trending in 2014 for home décor may surprise you.  So what are this year’s trends?  NEUTRALS! Gaining strength this year, neutrals are where it’s at.  Neutrals are popular when purchasing big ticket items such as furniture, flooring, and building materials.  Their continued rise in popularity is not surprising.  Neutrals make […]

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