Indoor Salsa Garden

By: Andrea De La Cerna Salsa seems to be the go-to summer dip!  Especially, the fresh, home-made, right from your own garden salsa.  Did you know that growing your own salsa garden indoors is super easy and doesn’t require much room?  Imagine having fresh salsa all winter long! The ingredients are simple Tomatoes – Roma […]

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DIY Interior Trim Project

Looking for a great weekend DIY project that will add value to your home? Consider installing wood trim in your new home next weekend. Here are some great general tips and guidelines to follow for your next DIY weekend trim project. Tools: Tape measure Utility Knife Hammer Miter Saw Miter Box Black Plane Nail Set […]

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2 Different DIY Techniques to Jazz up Those Everyday Plain Jane Bulletin Boards


Got a bulletin board? You love it right? Just not the way it looks. Here are 2 different DIY bulletin boards techniques to transform, those everyday plain jane boards, into pieces that you will be proud to display on your walls. DIY Technique #1: “Project Transformation Bulletin Board” SUPPLIES: Standard bulletin board Fabric scissors The fabric […]

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Tips for Painting Furniture or Cabinets

  Written By: Janet Prince, Associate Broker Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations, Mobile, AL     I have always been of the mindset that there is nothing that a good coat of paint cannot cure or at the very least improve dramatically.  My favorite saying when I started my decorating ventures long ago […]

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Time to Get Organized – {Pantry Edition}

By: Annie Malone What does your pantry look like at home??  I'm some-what ashamed to share mine, but the finished product came out looking pretty good so I'm pleased to share it now.  I have a really nice size pantry in my house and I really wanted to make it multi-purpose.  I wanted to not […]

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Time to Get Organized- {Garage Edition}

Let's Get Organized!

Garage Edition By: Stephanie Vaughn Summer is here!  More time for the outdoors, which means more time finding outdoor items in your garage.  It is so easy to use the garage as the catch all for tools, gardening equipment, storage, and recreational items and toys.  And because that big garage door can hide it so […]

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