The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Energy Efficient Homes

Written by: Mikkie Mills Creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to involve major construction or renovating. You can take any standard house and drastically increase its energy efficiency with some smart changes in the right places. Here is a go-to guide on all the adjustments you can make to create an eco-friendlier home without starting […]

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Gardening Tips for the Spring

Neat Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks Your Going to Want to Know About

I love gardening and I am always looking for new and natural more earth friendly way to garden. So I’ve been doing some research and here are 4 neat spring gardening tips and tricks you’re going to want to know about. Did you know cucumbers are sweeter when planted near sunflowers, I sure didn’t.  They […]

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Green Living: Better Insulation For Older Homes

By: Stephanie Vaughn If you are currently in a beautiful new Adams’ Home or considering purchasing one, you have an appropriate amount of insulation for the Central Florida area per the building codes.  Insulation is important factor in creating energy efficiency in a home.  It creates a thermal barrier for heat entering or leaving a […]

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Green Living: Two Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy

Two Ways To Save

By : Stephanie Vaughn Fall has ARRIVED and as you begin decorating for the holidays, you may feel the rush of cooler air coming in from your windows and doors.  Don’t just decorate….caulk and weather strip, too!  These two applications can save YOU money by saving energy.  The caulk and weather strip originally put in […]

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Green Living: Using insulation to increase energy efficiency

Using insulation to increase the energy efficiency of your home

By: Stephanie Vaughn    Think pink this Valentine’s Day….the Pink Panther.  Yes, he is still alive and well and the symbol for Owens Corning Insulation.  With every penny counting in today’s economy, maintaining the correct amount of insulation helps keep your house warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and maximizes savings on your […]

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What can I do to have a more energy efficient home?

Written by Stephanie Vaughn There is so much talk now about energy efficiency.  Most people do care about the environment and our energy resources.  However, the bottom line is that increased energy efficiency saves money by reducing the costs on your power bill.  The US Department of Energy (DOE) has a tremendous amount of information […]

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