AHStyle: Kitchen Design Ideas

A Simple Interior Design Tip To Improve The Overall Look Of Your Kitchen.

Looking for a quick and easy way to improve the overall design of your kitchen.  Well, we a have simple interior design tip that is sure to do the trick. When decorating our model homes, Adams Homes, typically uses a big rug in the kitchen instead of typical kitchen rugs at the sink and range. […]

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Take your bathroom from drab to FAB, Part II.

Living in Splendor – Bathroom Edition

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? Need some inspiration? Don’t know where to begin?  Then, this five part blog series will help give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for! We’ll have a bathroom design for everyone; from luxuries, modern, traditional, eclectic, to spa-like bathroom designs. In the “Living in Splendor” bathroom design below, we […]

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Decorating for Fall – {Front Door}

Decorating Your Front Porch For Fall

Written by: Annie Malone If you haven’t already gotten yourself into the Fall spirit, it’s not too late.  All it takes is a quick trip to your local pumpkin patch, which is a great family affair, and a few beautiful Mums to brighten up the front porch! You can go as elaborate or simple as […]

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Makeover the Laundry Room — Top 5 Tips

TV shows for room makeovers are plentiful, but I can't say that I've seen one for the laundry room. With apologies to Rodney Dangerfield, laundry rooms "get no respect” in their priority on homeowners' fix-it lists. According to Thisoldhouse.com, American families average 400 loads of laundry per year. Given the amount of time spent around […]

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Quiz: Which Design Style Fits?

Shabby Chic? Traditional? Ecletic? Which Design Style Fits you?

Have you ever wondered what design style fits your personality best? Take this fun quiz to find out! Are you a traditionalist at heart, loving sturdy and richly colored furniture? Do you love a feminine mix of soft fabrics and vintage pieces? Once you know the direction your design heart is steering you, you’ll be […]

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Decorator Colors Through the Years

Experimenting With Home Colors

Travel back through time, and our homes are a kaleidoscope of color. It seems every generation likes to break the rules of the previous decade and experiment with new colors. Color choices are a response to social and cultural, as well as economic factors. In the fifties, science introduced new home materials, and bright colors […]

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