Strongest Housing Markets of 2023: Adams Homes Is On The Map!

October 12, 2023

The year 2023 has brought both challenges and opportunities to the real estate market, and certain cities across the United States have emerged as standout performers. Attributes that contribute to a successful housing market include, but are not limited to growth of job opportunities, the affordability and supply of homes, as well as the lifestyle of the area (entertainment variety and weather). Among the cities that are standing out in this year's market, Adams Homes proudly builds within many of the frontrunners. Raleigh, Charlotte, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Atlanta have exhibited remarkable strength in their markets. In this blog, we will explore what makes these cities top picks for real estate investment and why they are among the strongest housing markets of 2023. 

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh has long been considered a thriving city in the Research Triangle region. In 2023, it continues to shine as one of the strongest housing markets in the country. A robust job market and high quality of life thanks to the numerous tech companies, excellent schools, and healthcare, as well as natural beauty has made Raleigh an attractive destination for both young professionals and families. The city's population growth has led to increased demand for housing, which has driven property values up. Adams Homes currently has over 80 homes available in our Raleigh North & Raleigh South divisions. Be sure to check them out if you are interested in this stunning area of North Carolina! 

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, another North Carolina gem, continues to be a hotspot for real estate activity in 2023. The presence of major financial institutions and a rapidly growing tech sector have solidified the city's economic prowess. The cost of living in Charlotte is 5% lower than the national average, and in turn, offers relatively affordable housing options compared to many other major cities. Mirroring its aforementioned sister city of Raleigh, a surging population has spiked the demand for housing. Adams Homes is here to fulfill this demand with 4 impressive communities in our Charlotte division where you can find your dream home!  

Tampa, Florida

Tampa has cemented its status as a strong housing market in 2023, thanks to the thriving opportunity for jobs, a plethora of entertainment options, and an undoubtedly beautiful climate. The city's ongoing infrastructure development projects and sunny beaches are a large draw and appeal to new residents. With over 84,000 new jobs added to circulation since 2021, there has been a huge demand for affordable housing. If you are interested in living in a thriving community with tons to offer, take a look at all of our available homes in Tampa!

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, has also made its mark in the housing market for 2023. Referred to as "Jax" by locals, this city has a booming atmosphere of celebration and comradery. The ideal location on the Atlantic Coast is a significant attraction for residents and tourists, driving up property value. Each part of Jax seems like a unique city within itself, whether you are downtown, out at the beaches, or closer to Riverside there is no shortage of opportunities to develop a lasting career and have some fun while doing so. Adams Homes is now selling affordable homes in 3 communities that will be sure to serve as the perfect backdrop for your new chapter of life in the big city! 

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is our final standout of the 2023 housing market due to the prevalent job opportunities and culture. This city is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, creating a steady job market and attracting a highly skilled workforce. Atlanta's rich history and unique cultural scene make it an appealing place to not only reside but invest in as well. Owning a second home to serve as a rental property has been a popular trend in the last few years and has earned them a top spot in the market. Adams Homes has been an established builder in North, South, and West Atlanta for many years so you can put your trust in us to find your dream home!

Crediting their robust economies, affordable housing options, population growth, and attractive lifestyles it is clear why Raleigh, Charlotte, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Atlanta have ranked as some of the best in the 2023 housing market. Whether you are looking to invest in real estate or relocate to a thriving city, these markets are worth considering for their promising potential and long-term growth. 

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