Aging In Place: How Adams Homes Creates Homes For All Stages Of Life

October 25, 2023

As we journey through life, our housing needs change. What may have been the perfect home in our 30s might no longer suit us in our 60s or beyond. The desire to age in place, remaining in one's own home as we grow older, is a dream for many. To turn that dream into a reality, it is crucial to have a home that can adapt to the evolving needs of the occupants. Adams Homes understands this and designs homes that cater to all stages of life. 

Aging in place is a term used to describe the ability to live in one's own home safely, comfortably, and independently, regardless of age or physical condition. It is about having the option to grow old gracefully within the familiar surroundings of one's own home, rather than being compelled to move to an assisted living environment or nursing home. This concept is not just about convenience; it is also about maintaining one's dignity and quality of life. 

Adams Homes tailors our floorplans to suit the ever-changing needs of homeowners, from the young families starting out to the empty nesters seeking comfort and convenience in their golden years. We recognize that young families are looking for a certain set of features in their homes. What they do not always see at first is how said features can serve a new purpose as they progress into a later stage of their lives. 

Looking through the eyes of a young family, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms can be very practical to accommodate the needs of children and guests. Everyone can enjoy their own space and even leave room to grow as well. Open layouts make for a seamless flow of space that then makes it easier to keep an eye on the little ones. The 2265 floor plan has proven to be a popular choice for families in need of these features. 

From an empty nester's point of view, the 2265 boasts an entirely different appeal with the same features. The home is a single-story design and will make navigating around much easier without a large staircase. The open layout also provides an easy path to walk around the house and requires less upkeep. The extra bedrooms can now be used for a dedicated hobby space or an opportunity to display a life full of sentimental treasures. 

Adams Homes is committed to providing a universal home design and creating homes that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. We understand that a home is more than a structure; it is a place where families create memories, celebrate milestones, and ideally, grow old together. In a world where aging in place is becoming increasingly important, having a home that can accommodate this desire is a significant advantage. With Adams Homes, your house truly becomes a home that grows with you and supports you throughout life's many stages. 

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