AHStyle: Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

Adams Homes typically raise shower curtains up high to give the bathroom a bigger feel.  You can accomplish it by buying a 96 inch shower curtain, taking your existing shower curtain and sewing on a panel of fabric at the bottom to give it height, or buy 96 inch tall window drapes like we did in the example below.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Normally, we buy a 96 inch drape and use it.  *Tip: Amazon sells taller shower curtain liners for that height.

Typical shower curtains you buy at Target are 72 x 72.  Standard window drapes are 84 inches tall, so that gives you an extra foot high if you want to use a nice drape.  The 96 inch drape is even more dramatic and what we love to use most often.  You can order one that high or we commonly find them at Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

The shower curtain below with the surf look is a standard shower curtain that we sewed a burlap extension on for height.  To make it look a little more fancy, we built a cornice box and wrapped it with the same burlap in screwed it into the walls all the way up against the ceiling.  The shower rod is in the cornice box and is fully functional.

We have a couple samples that wouldn’t be good for everyday use but are good if you have a true guest bath that isn’t used often or even if you were putting your house up for sale.  Those are the shower curtain below that are gathered in the middle of the curtain with the burlap ribbon.

Share with us what your favorite bathroom design ideas?

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  1. Bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house. That is the reason why most home owners are investing to make it look best. Check out these trends on bathroom ideas and you will surely be inspired to renovate and improve your own bathroom.

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