Adams Home’s Third Quarter Founders Club Winners

Throughout the year, we receive nominations to recognize some of our above-and-beyond team members for the amazing work they do. These team players are the people we feel mirror our company mission and come to work truly doing the best that they can every day without fail. So without further ado, here are our third quarter winners!


Regional Sales Associate: Cindy Ham, Lakeland

Cindy Ham is receiving this recognition due to her diligence in marketing herself and her community. Cindy is described as positive and relentless when it comes to realtor outreach and local marketing. This nomination isn’t solely based off of sales, or who sold the most. Cindy has differentiated herself from the rest as a hard worker who makes her name known. It has been said that every realtor in town knows the name, Cindy Ham!

Superintendent: David Mims, Birmingham

If you need someone to come and get their hands dirty, David is your guy. He continues time after time to impress the leadership and people surrounding him by getting things done and making them happen. He has a stellar attitude that screams, we can do this!

Division Team Member: Darlene Cruthirds, Mississippi Gulf Coast

Darlene is our division closing coordinator for the Mississippi Gulf Coast area and truly embraces her position. She handles the lenders, buyers, and appraisers with tact, finesse, and honesty. She plans ahead and knows what’s happening at all stages of the process and ensures management is informed every step of the way. The Mississippi office runs smoothly with Adams Home’s cheerleader Darlene at the helm!

Corporate Costing Team Member: Justine Lieving, Gulf Breeze

Justine has been a loyal Adams Home’s team member for over 10 years! Throughout her career, she has learned all aspects of the Accounts Payable department and has taken on the challenges to learn any new positions or tasks needed to keep things running smoothly. Justine is full of positive energy that encourages her team to meet deadlines and goals. She also has a fun and spunky way of training her team to make work fun for everyone and frequently bakes for special occasions.

These amazing team members have differentiated themselves within the company are welcomed by our President and CEO Bryan Adams into the Founders Club. This club was established by Adams to honor team members that hold values shared by his late father Wayne Adams; the Founder of Adams Homes. Each of our quarterly Founders Club winners are also eligible to be entered for the yearly Founders Club award in their respective category.

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