Adams Homes State of the Union

Tuesday, July 9th the Gulf Breeze Corporate office attended an Employee Appreciation Breakfast and State of the Union hosted by our President, Bryan Adams at the Tiger Point Golf Club.

“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” A principal originally stated by late founder Wayne Adams, was reiterated today by his son Bryan as he listened to team members suggestions for the continuing growth of Adams Homes.

In addition to reaching out, Adams also went over the many ways that we are currently trying to move us forward as a company. One of those ways is continuing education for team members and management. Adams acknowledges that to continue growth requires our teams to constantly reflect and assess not only our strengths but weaknesses as well. By educating ourselves and keeping ourselves open to change, we can continue to grow as a company.

Adams also discussed the past year, announcing that we have topped our quarterly numbers so far in 2019, with the rise in sales attributed to our team members, trade partners, and current economic factors. Another topic that was discussed was land acquisition and the growth in team members of that department to match the demand for our homes. Currently, we are in the process of obtaining more land in all of our divisions. This can be a time extensive process though because when we look at land it has to meet certain pricing and location requirements. This process allows us to build a home that delivers value to our buyers in a location that is convenient for the lifestyle in that area.

After these initial deliberations, the floor was opened up to the Adams Homes team members for any questions. Adams then concluded this State of the Union with the guarantee that he will try and continue to hold bi-annual State of the Unions to inform and help keep the Adams Homes family up-to-date.

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