Adams Home’s Fourth Quarter Founders Club Winners

Quarterly, throughout the year we pick four of our stellar team members that really went above-and-beyond to join our Founders Club. This club is to acknowledge the individuals that work hard and truly uphold the values and standards of Adams Homes. To be selected, you have to be nominated by your team leader, reviewed, and then chosen by the executives of the company. The winners have been chosen with care and pride, to reflect in the care and pride they put into their work.

Division Team Member: Jamie Stephens, Birmingham

Jamie is known as the most crucial component of the Birmingham, Alabama office. She has over 10-years of experience and her knowledge is truly invaluable. She has proved time and time again that she can handle any role in the office if the need arises. Not only that, but Jamie Stephens organizational skills cannot be beaten!

Corporate Estimating Team Member: Chucha Montgomery, Gulf Breeze

Chucha has been a loyal employee of Adams Homes for almost 20 years. She has been a dependable member of the Estimating team throughout the companies good and bad times. Her department can depend on her to follow through and diligently finish all tasks requested of her. She has a willingness to learn and do whatever she can to contribute to the progress of Adams Homes.

Regional Sales Associate: Kirsten Tammelleo, Charlotte

Kirsten has been an Adams Home team member since 2006. Kirsten is the go-to agent and has an attitude that no home is too hard to sell. This year alone she has closed out 4 communities and has been instrumental in launching 3 more. She is an example in relationship building and has strong connections with her buyers and realtors. Kirsten is continuously growing in her position and meets every obstacle with a can-do approach.

Superintendent: Lenora Stoner, Charlotte

Lenora is a born leader who continually looks for ways she can improve product and process. She has taken charge of opening two communities and pushed hard to get homes started while training new team members.  When dealing with complex issues, Lenora can be counted on to look at a problem from many angles to gather the right information. When Charlotte needs a representative, Lenora can always be relied upon to provide a smiling face.

These amazing team members have differentiated themselves within the company are welcomed by our President and CEO Bryan Adams into the Founders Club. This club was established by Adams to honor team members that hold values shared by his late father Wayne Adams; the Founder of Adams Homes. Each of our quarterly Founders Club winners are also eligible to be entered for the yearly Founders Club award in their respective category.

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