7 Tricks of the Trade to Helping Yourself Manage Working Full Time and Going to School

Tips for staying on track in school when working full-time:


By: Hannah Davis

1.  SCHEDULE (MASTER PLAN): Make a master plan. This can help you stay focused and on task. Don’t panic if things don’t go according to the master plan. It may take a couple of different tries to figure out the best routine that works with your schedule and lifestyle.

2.  EATING HABBITS: Eating is important – don’t become to busy that you miss meals. If you don’t have enough energy or fuel to make your brain and body function at 100% it will reflect in your work. Always find time to eat.

HELPFUL HINT: Make snack bags filled with protein to munch on while you are working to help keep your energy up and to prevent blood sugar swings. In your master plan SCHEDULE a time at the beginning of the week (ex. Sunday) or the night before each day to make your meals so you are never put in a position to not perform at a 100%.

3.  SLEEPING HABBITS: Make sure you allow time to sleep. Sleep is very important you can’t function at 100% without enough sleep. In your master plan schedule adequate amounts of sleep time.

4.  STAYING MOTIVATED: Don’t lose sight of your goal the whole purpose that motivated you to go to school and work full time.

HELPFUL HINT: A trick to help you stay motivated is take whatever motivates you, it (in picture form) and frame it.  Hang that picture in the area that you work from or see most often.  When you feel overwhelmed and start questioning yourself,” what am I doing this hard work for?” Look at the picture it will remind you this is my goal, my motivation behind my hard work.


5.  STAYING POSITIVE & REWARDING YOURSELF: Rewarding yourself when you accomplish a major task at work or finish a school project, can help you stay positive and in the right state of mind. You will start to notice your work improving if you have a positive outlook on everything.

HELPFUL HINT: When you start thinking about ALL the negatives and start putting yourself down STOP!! Start listing out ALL the positive things you have done and accomplished. When you get done reward yourself with something for all the hard work you have put in. It may seem juvenile but it helps!


6.  DON’T GIVE UP (NEVER STOP TRYING): The key to being successful in managing to work full time and going to school is to know it’s a learning process. It takes time, be patient. No one knows the perfect method for managing school and work. It’s a lot of trial and error, but just because it doesn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you always keep trying until you succeed you will never fail. You only fail when you give up or stop trying. So keep in mind no one’s perfect, but just know you’ll get there if you don’t give up.


7.  TAKE IT A DAY @ A TIME: Take things day by day. Don’t think too far ahead and become overwhelmed. Focus on what you need to get done today and worry about tomorrow’s problems tomorrow. Take things in strides. Stay calm and stay focused. Take things a day at a time.

Are you in school and working full-time??  What is your advice to stay motivated and stay on track??

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