5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Real Estate Advice For First-Time Homebuyers

Written By:  Elizabeth Porter

You should buy a home. That’s what you’ve been hearing from friends and family right? So, by now you have weighed the benefits and decided that home ownership is the best decision for your family.

That’s a major hurdle now passed. You are focused and certain. Great!

  1. Get Educated: There are lots of down-payment options and loan types available ranging from 100% financing to as little as 3.5% down. Mortgage terms typically range from 15-40 years and be fixed or adjustable.
  2. Grab Your Financial Paper Work Out: Lenders will be looking for information about your job, assets, debt and income to help you decide on the best home and payment for your family. As for down-payment options, get creative. You may be able to get help from relatives and if you’re soon to be married, FHA offers a Bridal Registry program to help with your down payment.
  3. Figure Out The What & Where: About 80% of home searches begin on the internet. With just a few clicks, buyers can research schools, hospitals and other “hot buttons”. You’ve probably defined your goals and have a pretty good idea of the type of community and home you’d like. By the time you see your first property, you are halfway to home-ownership.
  4. How Long Should It Take To Buy A Home: It depends, each family is different. A motivated buyer will find a home in two weeks. Most buyers find a home in a couple visits.
  5. How Many Homes Should We See: Studies show that your memory dramatically improves after you consume carbs, so have a hearty meal before venturing out. The most you should look at in one day is seven homes. Any more than that and the brain is on overload and you will probably not remember specific about any of them. While touring take notes. This will help you remember what you saw later.
  6. The “Black Dress” Shopper: Women can relate to this. Let’s say you have a special event coming up and you need a new black dress. At the first store you find a fabulous dress. You try it on. It fits perfectly. It’s glamorous and priced right. Do you buy it? Of course not! You go to every other store and buy the black dress. Do not shop for a home like this! When you find the perfect home, buy it.

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