4th Quarter Founders Club Winners

The time has come again for us to announce our Founders Club Winners. As you know, throughout the year, we receive nominations to recognize some of our above-and-beyond team members for the amazing work they do. These team players are the people we feel mirror our company mission and come to work truly doing the best that they can every day without fail. So without further ado, here are our 2019 fourth quarter winners!

Below their photographs, you will find kind words about our newest club members from the respective management team that nominated them.


Sales Agent of the Quarter, Q4, Michael Gitto, Tampa

Michael joined the Tampa team at the beginning of October 2019 as a rover and was instrumental in the launching of our new community in Parish, Grand Oak. By the end of October, he was promoted to anchor. However, he would be placed in a challenging community with a long commute. The Highlands had been underway for almost two years and had numerous sales agents and only two sales to date. But, Michael came in with a positive outlook and a “make it happen” attitude. Within a week, Michael had his first sale. This was only the start of his continued success. Michael reached out to the local realtors and marketed the community through numerous realtor drops and participated in local community events, and even hosted a grand re-opening for his community. Through these activities and his optimistic attitude, he has led the Tampa sales for both November and December of 2019 and has finished the year with 10 new sales in The Highlands with only two months of selling. Michael is a great asset to the team and we are very proud of this success this quarter and look forward to his continued success in the Tampa division.


Superintendent of the Quarter, Q4, Randy Miller, Baldwin

Randy Miller has been with Adams Homes since 2007. Randy is a very hard worker who is extremely determined to deliver the highest quality home for our customers. His communication and job-site readiness allowed for trade partners to get in and out which is imperative for an effective schedule. Randy has a passion for delivering a high-quality product and we are very lucky to have him on our team.


Division Team Member of the Quarter, Q4, Mary Harris, Baldwin

Mary Harris has been in the Baldwin division for over nine years. Mary started as a temporary admin and quickly worked her way to a permanent employee who graduated to Permitting Coordinator because of her diligence, work ethic, accuracy, and attention to detail. But, to say that Mary is ‘just’ a Permitting Coordinator would be remiss. Mary has a can-do attitude and she is quick to jump in to help any other team member as needed and is quick to take on any additional projects that we ask of her. Mary is also supportive of everyone in the office and we are very appreciative of her talents and attitude.


Gulf Breeze Team Member of the Quarter, Q4, Pam Ellis, Gulf Breeze

Pamela Ellis, Controller of Auditing and Financial Reporting, has been a loyal employee of Adams Homes since 2000. Pam is very dedicated to the company and cares about the responsibilities of the Administrative Office. In her 20 years, Pam understands the ins & outs of the company’s accounting like no other! She is proactive in sharing her knowledge and expertise with other team members, ensuring tasks are done accurately and efficiently. Most importantly, she wants employees to understand their task at hand because she understands the value it adds to the team as a whole, in addition to the employee’s confidence and future success. She shows a willingness to go the extra mile during peak periods of work. She is patient when it is necessary to resolve last-minute assignments. Regardless of the impact on her workload, Pam has never not helped a team member or answered a question.

Sales Manager of the Quarter, Q4, Misty Varner, Lakeland

Since joining the Lakeland office in November 2014, Misty has become an invaluable member of our team. Misty has done an excellent job growing our sales team. She has been firm, but fair in holding her team to their goals and her high expectations. Misty and her team continue to set the standard in realtor events and relations and she is an excellent spokesperson for Adams Homes. She always goes above and beyond to promote not only our division but all of Adams Homes. Misty loves this company and is passionate about protecting our brand. In the 4th quarter of 2019, her team has sold more than 45 homes and closed on over 33 and has had a 40% increase in sales year-over-year. Misty also does a great job at hosting weekly and monthly agent and sitter training. She is not only an asset to the Lakeland division but Adams Homes as a whole.

Production Manager of the Quarter, Q4, David Marshall, Lakeland

David started with Adams Homes, Lakeland in February 2003. He was promoted to Project Manager of the Port Charlotte division in 2004. He returned to Lakeland in 2011 and has been a steward of our division ever since. David has done an excellent job growing our superintendent team, as well as our supplier and trade partner base as we’ve steadily increased production over the last 5 years. David does an excellent job keeping bids in line and getting invoices processed on time. David and his team have pulled permits on 175 homes in 2019, 52 of them in the 4th quarter. David also does a great job of ensuring that not only are all of our superintendents certified and up to date. David is not only a terrific asset to Adams Homes Lakeland but Adams Homes as a whole.


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