4 Little Known Home Improvement Hacks

4 little home improvement factsWe know: maintaining a home can be time consuming.  It seems like everyone is looking for more time in their lives.  Sometimes, with all that we have to do between obligations with work, families, and friends, your to-do list can get pushed off.  Here are some important tips that you can take into consideration when you are looking to get back some of your precious time, and even save some money too!

  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you haven’t thought about installing a programmable thermostat yet, you could be missing out on some big savings.  A programmable thermostat ensures that you reduce your energy, which can add up big.  You can set your thermostat to turn on heating or air conditioning before you come home from work, and make sure that it is lower when you go to bed.

For example, by turning your thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours, you can save 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill, making a programmable thermostat a worthy investment in your home.

  1. Save Money: Seal the Gaps

Before winter hits, it is important to seal any doors, windows, or gaps in your home.  Caulking and weather stripping are two of the easiest projects, and it won’t cost you a ton of money.   Just a few hours of your time, identifying and sealing, could save you 30% on your energy bill.  This type of upgrade will offer not only an energy savings, but an upgrade in comfort, too.

If you are also looking to save on your utilities, keep in mind that many utility companies offer a free energy savings audit, so they can help you identify and recommend areas that you can save energy.

  1. Avoid Gutter Cleaning

Do you dread climbing the ladder each spring and fall to clean your gutters?  You are not alone. Climbing a ladder can be dangerous and cleaning your gutters is time consuming.  However, there is a solution to eliminating gutter cleaning from your home to-do list.

By installing gutter guards, you can avoid cleaning your gutters for life.  Look for a system that features no holes, gaps, or openings, like Leaf Filter.  A micromesh gutter system will ensure that nothing but water enters your gutter system.  Plus, your home will be safe from the damage of clogged gutters that can cost homeowners thousands in home repairs.

  1. Clean in Sprints

Instead of wasting your weekend deep cleaning your home, segment out quick spurts of your time throughout the week to focus on a different chore.  For example, use Mondays to dust your home, Tuesdays to vacuum, and Wednesdays to focus on the bathroom.  Better yet: get these chores done in the morning so when you come home from work, you won’t need to focus on cleaning.  Segmenting your chores and spreading them out throughout the week will prevent you from get overwhelmed on the weekend.

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