2020 Founders Club Winners – 1st and 2nd Quarter

The time has come again to announce our Founders Club Winners – 1st and 2nd Quarter (We know Quarter 1, we’re a little late!)

Each quarter, we at Adams Homes identify a handful of employees that embody the mission, vision, and culture of our company and induct them into our Founders Club. In doing so, these quarterly winners become eligible to be selected for the yearly Founders Club reward in their respective category, and the honors and accolades that accompany the title.

Below their photographs, you will find kind words about our newest club members from the respective management team that nominated them.

So, without further ado, here are your 2020 Quarter 1 and 2 winners!


Quarter 1:
Tammi Rief, Spring Hill Sales Manager

Tammi has been a top-performing Sales Manager for Adams Homes for over 10-years. Her passion for selling our homes is always apparent from her day-to-day tasks to the performance of her sales team. She has a positive attitude and takes her time to go above-and-beyond with whatever daily tasks are thrown at her. Tammi always has time to make sure that everyone she works with feels heard and is greeted with a smile and bubbly personality. She has the ability to juggle multiple communities and stay on top of things, which are just some of the reasons we value her so much in our Spring Hill division.




Andy Redd, Mississippi Gulf Coast Production Manager

When Andy was promoted to Production Manager, he stepped into the management role and owned it. He already had the respect of his fellow superintendents and sub-contractors he worked with, so it was an easy transition for him. Andy is honest, not afraid to speak his mind, and always brings great thoughts and ideas forward. He respects the sales team and all of the hard work that they do and communicates really well with his General Manager and Sales Manager. He pays close attention to timelines and works with our Closing Coordinator to be sure his Superintendents are on top of everything. Sometimes great people are under our noses and just need the opportunity to step up and shine – Andy Redd is shining right here in our Mississippi Gulf Coast Division!







Jonathon McKinney, Spring Hill Superintendent

Jonathon has one of the largest workloads of a Superintendent in our region. In addition to that, his work is spread over one of the largest areas in the Spring Hill division. Despite that, he tackles his day without complaint. Jonathon deals with multiple municipalities and inspectors yet he always gets his jobs done on time. He is always being proactive and is on the look-out for new trades and vendors to ensure Adams Homes is always maintaining our commitment to quality. Jonathon has great potential within Adams that we recognize and applaud him for the stellar work he has done so far.






Laurie Krall, Lakeland Sales Associate

Laurie Krall excels in many facets, one of note being her realtor outreach and marketing approach. This approach not only reinvigorates aged leads and generates new leads, but continually moves active leads down the pipeline resulting in more sales. Laurie has previously won salesperson of the month for Lakeland on numerous occasions, including twice in one quarter! Misty Varner, Krall’s Sales Manager, notes she “explains in detail what makes Adams Homes shine above the rest… this is why they choose Adams Homes because of Laurie’s detail and education on why Adams is a quality product.”




Patsy Paige, Charlotte Division Team Member

Patsy Page has been the closing coordinator in our Charlotte office since 2018. She consistently maintains order both within the office and as buyers approach closing. Patsy professionally handles all customers and excels at assisting those who are stressed out by the closing process. She ensures each closing runs as smoothly as possible which is reflected in her consistently positive buyer reviews. Patsy is willing to fill in on any task that is required and always contributes to the team atmosphere. It is a pleasure to have her on our Charlotte team!





Michelle Lankist, Gulf Breeze Team Member of the Quarter

Michelle Lankist has been a diligent, caring employee of Adams Homes for 5 years now. In that time, she has learned all aspects and details of her role. More than that, Michelle sees the bigger picture; she understands the flow and impacts of the Accounts Payable process to provide valuable support to all sub-departments. Numerous departments can rely on her to help with their workload when weeks are tough. Michelle constantly impresses coworkers with the results of her work and how she makes others’ jobs easier. She can be given any task and will do it with a smile on her face. Sharpie, as she is affectionately called, doesn’t forget a birthday and loves to celebrate every holiday!





Quarter 2:
April White, Mississippi Gulf Coast Sales Manager

April White just celebrated her First Anniversary as Mississippi’s Sales Manager. Over the past year, we have witnessed her growth as a leader and mentor. April’s team loves her and they push every month to make her proud of them. April has that X-factor, that likeability factor that keeps her team enthusiastic, competitive, and happy to work for Adams Homes. She ensures that her sales team is always having fun and producing great sales figures. April White is a great example of professionalism, great customer service, and always doing what’s best for Adams Homes. She deserves this “pat on the back!”








Mike Patterson, Crestview Project Manager

Mike Patterson has been a dedicated and loyal Adams Homes Team Member for 20 years. Mike is the Project Manager for our Crestview division, and we are so grateful to have him. He works tirelessly to not only give his superintendents the tools they need to succeed in their careers but to make sure everything is done in a timely and efficient manner. Mike always has a positive attitude and outlook on any tasks laid before him to accomplish. He truly is a great guy, which is reflected in his annual Turkey Fry, where he provides fried turkeys to those in need on Thanksgiving. Mike is a valued team member of our Adams Homes family and we thank him for his years of service.









William Glendenning, Lakeland Superintendent

Though Billy has only been with Adams for a little over a year, he has quickly developed into a superintendent that any production team would be proud to have- as proven by the quality of homes he produces. He has earned the trust and respect of not only the management team in Lakeland but of the trades that he deals with during the normal course of business each day. In Lakeland, we often use his community, Alamanda, for training to showcase how we like a community and homes to be presented. Billy Glendenning is one of those rare superintendents that truly enjoy what they do for a living. His complaints are minimal and his attitude positive. He’s always willing to help other superintendents with questions or issues and requires very little supervision himself. We are lucky to have Billy Glendenning working for Adams Homes!





Terri LoBretto, Birmingham Sales Associate

Terri excels on every level as a sales professional. She is a great team player and is always willing to assist anyone else on the Birmingham team. She has a very positive attitude and always has a smile on her face. We are appreciative of her wonderful relationship with both buyers and realtors. She works hard to provide an easy sales process for her clients and cares about their wants and needs. Terri is an amazing wife, grandmother, and a huge animal lover (especially dogs!). She enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family. We are very happy to have her on the Adams Homes Team!






Jessica Alvarez, Birmingham Division Team Member

Jessica Alvarez works hard and is extremely intelligent. She is curious in a very good way and constantly wants to learn more about every aspect of the building and sales process. She has a desire to learn not only for personal development but to provide better service to our homebuyers, agents, superintendents, and other team members in the Baldwin County office. Jessica is very conscientious and committed to being an excellent Closing Coordinator. She handles an immense workload while still maintaining a positive attitude and giving a hand to others whenever she has a chance. Jessica is whole-hearted and gives her all to her role as a Closing Coordinator. We are very proud to have her on our team!





Meredith Young, Gulf Breeze Team Member

Meredith Young has been a hard-working member of the Adams Homes team since October 2018. Within 4 months, she learned the ropes of our accounts payable department and earned the role of Accounts Payable Team Leader. Meredith is responsible for leading the largest team in the Accounts Payable Department, which has now grown to 16 employees! Meredith is one of the first people to train almost every employee that comes on board, so her welcoming personality and adapting way of training helps to ensure a solid foundation for each employee. She has a way of motivating the team to meet every goal asked of the department. She is selfless with her time and energy helping any department in need. She leads by example and would not ask her team to do anything she cannot or isn’t willing to do herself. Meredith isn’t afraid to admit that she doesn’t know something, but doesn’t settle until she’s found her answers. Adams Homes is grateful to have such a dedicated employee on our team!

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