12 mortgage do and do not’s

By: FBC Mortgage – Team J&J  



So you found your dream home and have secured a mortgage pre-approval.  Congratulations! You are nearing the finish line of becoming a homeowner.  It’s so exciting right? Proceed with caution, that approved status can slip away with just a few wrong moves.  Don’t get caught in mortgage pre-approval bliss and start spending, iIt’s those good habits that ensured you got the mortgage in the first place. 

Here are some do and do not’s to make sure you stay on track from now until closing. 

Due to increased credit qualifying standards imposed on all lenders we would like to advise you of a few things you can do to help your loan close on time!


Did you know? Underwriting parameters and loan quality Initiatives now require us to update your credit report within a few days of closing and any new inquiries will require us to verify if you have acquired new debt, as well as verify any significant adverse changes to your credit profile including significant balance or payment increases prior to your closing on your mortgage. 

Significant changes can delay the closing of your loan and could impact your loan approval.  Continue to pay your bills on time



Mortgage Do’s 

  • Continue to pay your existing mortgage (refinance)
  • Contact your lender before acquiring any new debt aka before making any purchases
  • Respond to your lender’s request for documents quickly

The Before Closing Do Not’s:

  • Have additional non-mortgage related inquiries to your credit
  • Apply for any new loans, auto loans, mortgages, or credit cards
  • Make any major purchase using credit
  • Buy anything on a 12 or 24 month no interest, no payment promotion
  • Change jobs or change your pay structure without speaking with your lender first
  • Pay off any collections or close any accounts unless you speak with your lender first
  • Bounce any checks
  • Make any large deposits to your accounts until you talk to your lender

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have an on-time, smooth closing.  

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