10 Tips for Showing your Home

10 Home Showing Tips

By: Andy Jansky and Maribel Maldonadofor sale-real estate

Tip # 1: Let Your Agent Handle it

A potential buyer is less likely to voice any concerns in front of the current owner, which is why it’s better to leave your buyers with the REALTOR®. Buyers want to see themselves in the Home, hard to do when the current homeowner is there.


Tip # 2: Be Flexible

Many home buyers are on a tight schedule, whether it be work, school or other commitments.  Time is tough to come by, so try to be flexible about allowing potential buyers to tour your home.  If you are still living on the premises, it’s especially important that you be ready for last-minute visits.

Tip # 3: Climate Control

If you know that your REALTOR® is bringing a potential buyer to tour the home, make sure that the temperature is comfortable.  Otherwise, your buyer may not spend as much time in the home as necessary in order to form an accurate opinion.  The last thing you want is a buyer who’s in a hurry to leave.

Tip # 4: Quick Cleaning

If you have enough time before the buyer shows up, run the vacuum over the floors and make sure that any clutter is cleaned up.  A clean home appears larger, while a cluttered one gives the appearance of being too small.  If you really want to impress your potential buyers, place a plate of freshly baked cookies on the dining room table.  When they walk into your home, they will be greeted by the wonderful smell.

Tip # 5: Animal Control

If you have pets, remove them from the home temporarily or place them in a contained space, such as a kennel, exercise pen or carrier.  This will allow buyers to tour the home without being distracted by a nervous animal which could result in a nervous buyer.

Tip # 6: Light the Way

Your home should appear open and bright, so open the curtains and turn on the lights throughout the home.  Buyers will not likely be drawn to a dark, dimly-lit house.

Tip # 7: Educate Your Buyers

When someone is looking for a home, they are looking for more than the perfect floor plan.  If you have recently had the home appraised or inspected, place copies of each report on the dining room table.  Purchasing a home is a big step, and buyers will be drawn to a home that has everything out on the table, so to speak.

Tip # 8: Communicate With Your REALTOR®

If you want certain aspects to be pointed out during the home tour, tell your REALTOR® what they are.  For instance, good neighbors are a big plus to any home, but it’s not something that potential home buyers will see simply by looking at the rooms in your house.  If you have wonderful neighbors, ask your REALTOR® to point this out.

Tip # 9: Curb Appeal

An important part of showing your home is making sure that the outside looks just as appealing as the inside.  When a potential buyer drives up, you want them to be eager to see what else is in store for them.  You can do this by paying close attention to your curb appeal.  In addition to having a freshly cut lawn and properly maintained flower beds (if applicable), the outside of your home should be free of any clutter and any shrubs should be groomed.

Tip # 10: Ask for Feedback

The information provided could be potentially helpful during your next home showing, and it will make the potential buyer feel as though you value their opinion. Courtesy of myrealestatelettters.com

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18 thoughts on “10 Tips for Showing your Home

  1. Thank you for the help. I am trying to get my home ready to sell. I agree that curb appeal is crucial. How do I know how much is worth investing into increasing the curb appeal?

  2. I really like your tip to light the way. Is it better to do showings during the day when you will have natural light, or at night when you can control the lighting? We are hoping to sell our home soon and want to present it in the best way possible. Thanks for these great tips!

  3. I really like your tip to control the climate. That is something I would have never thought of. I usually like my home warmer, so I will probably want to lower the temperature before a potential buyer comes over. They might think we have a problem with insulation or the HVAC system if it isn’t comfortable. Thanks for these tips!

  4. I had never thought that a buyer would be less likely to talk about their concerns to the homeowner. Having the realtor show the home is a good idea to avoid this issue. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature so that the potential buyer wants to stay in the home long enough to get a feel for it is also a helpful suggestion.

  5. My husband just got offered a new job, and that means we will be moving. I really like that you said about being flexible when it comes to showing your home. Just like I’m on a tight schedule, so are the people that are looking at buying my home. I need to remember that I need to keep an open schedule, and work with other people’s schedules.

  6. I started selling my house earlier last winter in the hopes that I would sell it before the end of the year. Now that it’s almost October, I’m hoping to find a few useful tips that will help sell my home really soon. I wish that I had thought to adjust the temperature in my house to make potential buyers feel more comfortable. Your advice for doing this so that they’ll spend more time looking at my house will definitely help make my home more appealing now that it’s getting colder. My heater has been broken for a while, so maybe fixing it before it gets too cold would be a good choice.

  7. I want to make sure that I get my home sold. It makes sense that I would want to get an agent to help with it! It would be nice to have someone to handle it for me.

  8. I appreciate the information on showing your home. I agree that it is important to really let your agent handle most of what is going on and to be flexible with the agent and with those who are looking at the home, this will allow for most work to be done than otherwise could be. My mom is looking into selling her home in the near future, I will be sure to share this information with her.

  9. Hello Adams, sorry for the late reply but these points are worth knowing. Thank you so much for these useful tips. I agree with you that real estate agents help a lot in selling or buying the property.

  10. This is some really good information about showing a home. I liked what you said about how it would be a good idea to have great curb appeal. I would want to live in a home that had an amazing back yard.

  11. You made a good point when you mentioned being flexible with your schedule if you plan to sell your home. Some potential buyers may be too busy and their schedule may conflict with yours, so it’s always good to adjust your schedule to theirs. This way, they would know that you appreciate and value their time as well. You may want to prepare for last-minute visits as well. Who knows, you may just be fortunate enough to close a very good deal with one of them. If I were to sell my own property, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

  12. I really like how you talked about paying special attention to your floor plans. This would provide valuable information for those that are looking for specific dimensions. I’ll have to remember your tips so that I can sell my home in the future.

  13. Thanks for the tips on preparing your home for a showing. Having a good curb appeal really is one of the best things that you can do for your showing. In my opinion, the first impression is the best thing you can do for your showing because it can make a lasting impression.

  14. I like how you said to be flexible when it comes to showing your home. We are listing our home this weekend. Thanks for the tips on showing homes.

  15. Thanks for this advice for showing your home. I’m glad that you mentioned you should try to make sure the temperature is comfortable in your home so the buyer can spend more time looking at your house. I’m interested to learn what a comfortable temperature could be or if it depends on what the temperature is like outside.

  16. My sister is thinking about selling her home after the holidays. It is great to know that it would be smart for her to improve her home’s curb appeal. That does seem like it would help make her home stand out more when she gets a listing made for it.

  17. Thanks for sharing the tips which helps in to show the worthy home in front of buyers, friends, or relatives… Really amazing points you have shared.

  18. Thank you so much for pointing out that some potential buyers may not like animals so play it safe and temporarily remove your pet from the home to keep buyers at ease. About a week ago, my fiance and I officially decided to sell our place and move somewhere closer to both of our jobs! We want to try to get through this process as quickly as possible. We will have to look into listing agents who can give us more helpful tips and help people notice our place!

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