10-Minute Ice Cream Cake

Written By: Elizabeth Porter

The recipe for the perfect recipe: simple to make, five ingredients or less and delicious.  Those are my rules.

I discovered a new recipe that can be changed to match your guest’s preference.  I had a four-year birthday party to go to and volunteered to make the cake. After looking online for inspiration I found a simple recipe for an ice cream cake. Oooohh aaaahhhh, my sister was in disbelief when I told her I was bringing an ice cream cake.

My first attempt I kept it simple, but my next ones are sure to have some tasty variations added to them.  Not only was this so simple to make (less than ten minutes), I had not leftover ingredients wasted.  I made mine in a 9×13 dish but it can easily be scaled down for a smaller dish.


24 Ice Cream sandwiches (They typically come in boxes of 12)

2 containers of 8 oz Cool Whip

1 small jar of Caramel Sundae Sauce

Your favorite candy topping (I used Reese’s Cups)


Layer the first box of ice cream sandwiches along the bottom of the dish

Spread the first container of Cool Whip on top of the sandwiches, then spread half of the jar of caramel sauce

Next add your favorite candy (crushed into small pieces)

Now add the second box of ice cream sandwiches

Top that with your second layer of Cool Whip and the remaining caramel sauce

If you want to add more candy go ahead, my dish was getting full so I skipped the last layer of candy

Freeze for a few hours and you are ready to enjoy!

I found a similar recipe online that swapped the caramel sauce for strawberry topping, the middle layer had banana slices instead of candy and the top was OREO cookies, can you say banana split?  YUM!

What are your favorite toppings?  Would you use fruit or chocolates for your toppings??  Read more about some of our favorite recipes and share some of your favorites with us at amalone@adamshomes.com.  We would love to share them on the blog.

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