10 items to budget for in 2014

10 items people forget to take into consideration when planning a budget.

Written by: Hannah Davisalt

When preparing a budget people tend to forget to budget for life’s unexpected expenses or even simple things such as birthday’s or the holidays. Before you start preparing your budget for 2014, here are 10 items to remember in your budget:

Car Repair

We always seem to remember to budget for gas and regular car maintenance, but don’t be caught unprepared in 2014 by not setting aside money for unexpected car repairs.

Household Maintenance

Unlike car repair we tend to remember to budget for unseen home repairs, but we often forget to budget for regular household maintenance. This includes things such as air filters, caulking, weather-stripping, etc.

Work wardrobe

Often overlooked when planning a budget is the upkeep of your work wardrobe.  When planning your budget for 2014, make sure to plan for upkeep in your work wardrobe.


We often don’t consider the unexpected visitors we may have throughout the year or even the expected visitors and the extra cost that come with having guest. Plan smart for 2014 and plan for guests.

Travel Expenses

Make sure to plan or have money set aside for travel expenses you may inquire throughout 2014.


When you are planning your budget for 2014, don’t forget to budget for your memberships.  Something as simple as a membership can often be overlooked.


We often budget for doctor visits; but remember to also budget for prescriptions, cold, allergy, and flu medicines too.

Pet Care

Take in to consideration pet care when planning your budget such as food, vet visits, toys, boarding, etc.


If it is not someone’s birthday in the next few days we often don’t take into consideration birthday expenses. Be smart, be prepared and plan for birthdays expenses in your 2014 budget.


Same goes for holidays.  Be ahead of the holiday madness and start setting aside money at the beginning of 2014 for holiday expenses you may inquire. That way, by the holiday season, you can relax knowing you are prepare instead of worrying about money.

What are items you often forget to budget for?

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